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list of arduino boards and compatible systems wikipedia - this is a non exhaustive list of arduino boards and compatible systems it lists boards in these categories released under the official arduino name, arduino uno r3 dev 11021 sparkfun electronics - this is the new arduino uno r3 in addition to all the features of the previous board the uno now uses an atmega16u2 instead of the 8u2 found on the uno, pc based heart rate monitor using arduino and easy pulse - hardware setup the hardware setup for this project is very simple all you need is an easy pulse v1 1 sensor an arduino board a pc and few wires, lincomatic s diy blog electronics 3d printing hacking etc - i wrote a colorduino library for arduino it handles initialization and double buffered drawing on itead studio s colorduino it is also compatible with itead s, arduino s analogwrite converting pwm to a voltage - arduino s analogwrite converting pwm to a voltage when i first started working with the arduino platform it was also my first experience with, having fun with hc08 using pic microcontroller - here is a nice little project for a rainy weekend all this can be accomplished over a weekend and for under usd 15 this page has gone through several, arduino web server tutorial starting electronics blog - want to learn how to use the arduino arduino ethernet shield as a http web server there are many technologies that must come together to be able to make the, picaxe editor 6 software picaxe - picaxe editor 6 is the recommended windows software for programming testing and simulating basic blockly and flowchart programs for picaxe, beginning embedded electronics 1 sparkfun electronics - this is a series of lectures written for those with mild electronics background aka sophomore in electrical and computer engineering to learn about the wild world, a multi protocol infrared remote library for the arduino - the most recent code is at github com shirriff arduino irremote if you have any issues please report them there do you want to control your arduino with, iot project two esp8266 communication talk with each other - internet of things project communication between esp8266 modules esp8266 arduino tutorial what people don t know is the real benefits of making two esp8266, digital ac dimmer module lite v 2 inmojo market inmojo - inmojo digital ac dimmer module lite v 2 is ideal for ac voltage controlling applications this v 2 is a enhanced version of our digital ac dimmer module lite v 1, introduction to wireless sensor networks types and - nowadays the efficient design of wireless sensor networks has become a leading area of research as different networks are being used in several applications, advancer technologies llc muscle sensor v3 - muscle sensor v3 at 03 002 description this sensor will measure the filtered and rectified electrical activity of a muscle outputting 0 vs volts depending the, circuit zone com electronic projects electronic - in the mid 1970s large numbers of small fm transmitters operating in the fm radio broadcast band 88 108 mhz appeared on the market it started with a self build, rf24network for wireless sensor networking maniacbug - rf24network is a network layer for nordic nrf24l01 radios running on arduino compatible hardware it s goal is to have an alternative to xbee radios for, ez430 chronos texas instruments wiki - the ez430 chronos is a highly integrated wireless development system that provides a complete reference design for developers creating wireless smart watch applications, accessathon accessibility hackathon at rhine waal university - 48 hours of brainstorming prototyping and hacking on accessibility you can learn from and work together with experts on modern technology and accessibility to, command line concatenate multiple files by date super user - i have got a plenty of txt files in a directory the directory also contains png and some pdf files i have successfully concatenated txt files using this command, a guide to using imu accelerometer and gyroscope devices - introduction there s now a french translation of this article in pdf thanks to daniel le guern this guide is intended to everyone interested in inertial mems, raspberry pi2 power and performance measurement raspi tv - how did i hammer the cpus back in early 2012 inspired by pi i started learning python while waiting for the pi to arrive everyone said choose a, tkj electronics a practical approach to kalman filter - thanks for the great article and for the reference to filter pdf my document from ages ago this is definitely one of the better explanations i ve seen about, newest c questions stack overflow - c is a general purpose programming language used for system programming os and embedded libraries games and cross platform this tag should be used with general